Membership Donation

To obtain premium member status, donations can be made as follows:

  • CNTC Premium Membership: Jan 01 – Dec 31
    Contribute the $20 minimum amount.
  • Pro-Rated CNTC Premium Membership: After July 01
    Contribute the $10 minimum amount.
  • CNTC Premium Membership: Choose your own Adventure
    Contribute another amount understanding that, depending on the date, a $10 or $20 minimum is required to achieve premium member status.

Before you start, please be sure you have registered in our forums. You will need the User Name you registered with later in the process.

OF4WD Membership
OF4WD Membership is done directly on their website. You will receive a discount password for membership upon receipt of premium membership. Look for the discount code at the bottom of your PayPal confirmation email.

Fees are due January 1st!
Please visit: to join!

Paypal Payments:

Keeping in mind the options listed above, click on the ‘Donate’ button.


If you would prefer to send your donation by email money transfer please send it to ‘’. Once you’ve completed your money transfer, please complete this form.

Thank you!

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