Trucks & Offroading

The Drivers

Drivers are split into groups to ensure an even distribution amongst the different trails and based on driver experience and vehicle capabilities. The trail runs are led by experienced trail leaders who guide their group on the trails. They lend their knowledge of the trails and foster good, responsible 4-wheeling to make the day’s trail runs safe and enjoyable.

The Trucks

Although the name says Canadian NISSAN Truck Club, that does not mean the fun is restricted to Nissan trucks only. Our members drive a wide variety of vehicles including Land Rovers, Toyotas, Jeeps and we’ve even been known to allow the occasional Zuk or two! All we ask is that your vehicle be in good mechanical order, include recovery points on the front and optionally on the rear, and that you have a good spare tire. Also, to decrease the chance of damage to your truck we recommend that you remove any low hanging accessories like, hard plastic mud guards, original equipment step rails and trailer wiring harnesses to name a few. A CB radio is also highly recommended. It’s essential that the trucks on the trail maintain communication and we’ve found that a CB radio is the best tool for the job. CB radios, both handheld and vehicle mounted, can be purchased at a low cost and many of the club members would be more than happy to help you install yours if you are not sure how.

The Trails

All the trails present a varied terrain featuring both shallow and optional steep rock climbs, shallow to moderately deep water crossings and the occasional mud hole or two. One trail is especially suited to drivers wanting to experience off-roading for the first time and is stock truck friendly. We do insist that you remove those hard plastic splash guards and factory step rails to prevent damage to your truck though. The other trails are more advanced and we recommend that your truck be equipped with skid plates and rock sliders to lessen the possibility of damage to the under-side of your vehicle. Again, all trucks are required to have a recovery point on the front of the vehicle, one on the rear is also highly recommended, as well as a properly inflated spare tire. You will not be allowed on the trail runs without those two minimum requirements. And don’t forget a CB!

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